A Creative Brief for PR and Social?

“PR and Social need to be responsive. Is burdening them with messaging strategy wrong?”


I have worked in “integrated” agencies from my first day in the business at Marsteller Advertising, the once sister ad agency to PR giant Burson-Marsteller.


Public Relations, and now, its step child Social Marketing, often get a rap of being tactical, not strategic. I don’t think that’s because the people doing them aren’t strategic. I think it’s because those are parts of the communications business that grew up without a strong strategic discipline. Sorry, my many friends in PR and Social, if that comes across as insulting or painful to hear. I think, down deep, you might agree.


So, let’s change that.


Let’s starting using a Messaging Brief for PR & Social. Maybe it’s like a Creative Brief for the ad side; isn’t the information needed for messaging the same for all businesses?


Don’t you need to understand who is the real competition? Who is the primary target and what are their wants and needs? Isn’t it helpful to appreciate what the target thinks of the category? What perceptual issues they might have that we need to manage? Would it be valuable to understand the emotional benefit is that the target would derive from our product or service? And to agree on and know the primary attribute of the product or service that allows us to say all this?


Frankly, most of this is common sense. Yet I don’t think I’ve seen a Messaging Brief or anything like it being used by PR or Social Marketing people.


So, let’s go. Let’s make a PR & Social Messaging Brief. Who wants to work with me on it? Let me know. Maybe it will be the next big thing.


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