Does Your Team Need Some Better Teamwork?

Marketing and advertising teams benefit from being built with people with different experiences. Yet the lack of a commons set of tools and resources for developing creative can slow the whole effort down.

Is Advertising Getting Worse?

Great creative was, and still is, driven by great thinking. Not just the thinking of great creative people. But of smart marketers and messaging strategists that help provide the creative people with direction to translate into something special.

Three things you can’t ignore for effective advertising

If you remember these three things, you’ll have effective advertising: have a real objective, make it about the, present something interesting.

Do Creatives Want a Blank Canvas?

A creative team doesn’t want a “blank canvas.” That means they have to figure out where to start, where to go, what to say. What the creative team really wants is a well-crafted messaging strategy.

A Creative Brief for PR and Social?

Ultimately, PR & Social Marketing work within the same realm as Advertising. If great advertising uses a Messaging Brief, would PR & Social be even better if they, too, worked from that?

What’s changed about advertising. What hasn’t.

I’ve been doing this advertising thing a long time. Things have changed in ways I wish I could have imagined. But what it leads to the most amazing work is still a great creative strategy.

Creative Opportunity #52: A way to get better at creative strategy

Want to get better at creative strategy? Just watch advertising and practice trying to figure out what was/is the strategy behind that work? How would you have set that work up if you had to present it?

Creative Opportunity #51: Who should write Creative Briefs

Not everyone in an organization is in a position to divine the insights that lead to great Creative Briefs. So, if you want great creative, don’t ask managers for whom it is not their role and skill to write a Creative Brief. That’s how bad creative happens.

Creative Opportunity #50: How to be a friend to creative people

Creative teams and marketing teams too often don’t get along. Is this natural friction caused by one party being cattle-drive yip dogs chasing due dates while the other toils in the field. Maybe. But I think it’s more rooted in creative teams thirsting for really good direction from which they can make great work.

Creative Opportunity #48: What not to say as creative feedback

How you respond to seeing creative can have as big of an impact as what you say. Here are some responses I’ve heard that are not great, and some better responses that would likely have resulted in a better outcome.

Creative Opportunity #47: Some guidance for giving feedback on creative

As with the work that each of us does, the work that a creative person does is a reflection on them. So there is a lot of emotion involved. Here are a few guidelines that should help meetings when you review creative.

Creativity Opportunity #46: Differences between good and not-so-good creative.

There may only be a handful of differences behind what makes for good creative and not-so-good creative. But they are really important.