Creative Opportunity #41: The two most valuable things to do in selling creative.

“We have great ideas. But our creative presentations don’t seem to go well.”

After seeing the best creative presenters at work, I have this observation: there are two things they all do to help good work stick.

One, they set the work up before they show it. Some go through the creative brief. Some tell a story about the idea behind the work. Some talk about the client’s business and why what the client is about to see is so appropriate. They never, ever just hold the work in front of the client reading the headline with some statement of – “Here’s our first piece of work.” Too many clients think this is a business where anyone can just make up stuff. No, damnit. We are addressing business needs with smartly thought-through creative. The set-up describes the intelligence behind the work. Let the debate be about that, not whether the headline should be italicized.

Two, they hold the work up when presenting. In too many creative presentations, the work is shown by laying it down on a desk or table in front of the client. Try this: take any document. Lay it down on a table. Then look at it sitting across the table. How does it look? Easy to see? Easy to read? Great creative presenters never do this. They’re excited by the work. They want the client to feel that enthusiasm. They hold the work lovingly in their arms because they think it’s the most amazing stuff the client will ever see and the client should bless it for production on the spot.

In your creative presentations, do what the best in the business do. Including these two things.

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