Creative Opportunity #49: That’s not creative direction

“Our Creative Brief includes everything about the assignment.”

I’ve just spent time with two companies that are having difficulty getting creative work done. Please note I did not say they were “having difficulty getting work done.” They are pumping stuff out like mad. But it’s not very creative and it’s not very effective and no one is happy.

The reason is the same for both: their so-called Creative Briefs are really just descriptions of what the end-product needs to be. Sizes, due dates, budgets, who needs to be in the approval loop, a statement of what the message should be, a list of support points, stuff like that.

Little information about the audience and how the audience thinks and what’s troubling them and how the services provided by these companies can help – the things that stimulate creative direction – is included.

It’s interesting because these are the marketing organizations of two large, successful companies whose names would probably surprise you. And the marketing teams are led by smart people. And they have lots of smart people on their staffs. It’s just that they have all been working so hard to pump stuff out that no one had time to look at the tools they were using to get creative work done. To really stop and say – “Is this the best way to do this?”

Well, I guess that’s wrong. Someone had time. Because their CMO’s reached out to me. And now we’re working to help their teams use some tools that will make it easier to get great creative work done. Some transitional learning involved. But real excitement among most team members because no one who cared was happy with the work.

These CMO’s are happy. I’m happy. And most importantly, their customers and prospects will be happier getting messages that are more relevant.

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