Does Your Team Need Some Better Teamwork?

Marketing and advertising teams benefit from being built with people with different experiences. Within that, many will bring tools and resources they found were effective in past lives. Therein is a potential problem: a Tower of Babel of tools to get work done.


In particular, tools and resources that are used to develop creative for the organization.


And, it may not seem like it on the surface, but these different perspectives of what should be used and how they should be used are slowing the effort down and resulting in weaker work that often has to be done over. And over.


Here’s what I mean: let’s just talk about a Creative Brief for a moment. If the marketing team providing direction to the creative team views the Creative Brief as assignment information, there will be a document that does a great job of telling when something is due and how it would be implemented. But not a great job with the information that helps the creative team with the message. So, often, the creative has to deduce that on their own. They do, and sometimes, it’s not what the marketing manager expected. Ever had this happen?


Now, you could say – “Well, the creative team should ask the marketing team for the information they need.” Yes, but do they all know what that is? Do they agree on what information is valuable? Does the marketing team get asked for the same information each time by each team? And, when asked, does the marketing team just view it as – “Why can’t you just do the (insert type of effort here)?”


Let’s take a different view for a moment. What if the marketing team knew upfront what information the creative team needed? What if the creative team asked for and used, each time, the same information? It goes a lot more smoothly. With fewer occasions when it just plain doesn’t. Truth.


That’s what I do: I help teams with tools and processes that will get everyone on the same page. If you’ve ever had the problems I described, maybe we could talk.


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