Is Great Advertising Only for Great Media Venues?

The Super Bowl.  That time for great advertising. Why does it seem like the advertising is better during these events?  At least that’s the question that was put to me recently.

“Better.”  That’s an interesting word.  In whose eyes?  The advertiser or the consumer?  Advertisers too often want to tell the consumer everything about the company’s products or services.  Consumers want to be entertained, learn something valuable, feel good. 

I think what happens during these events is that advertisers change the rules.  I think somewhere they decide it’s better to create advertising that makes the consumer feel good and be entertained than to hammer home some product attribute.

And what I’ve seen happen (agreed, a small sample) is consumers actually watching the ads.  Instead of the engaging the DVR to skip over the ads, the commercials become part of what is worth watching.

Maybe creative people put more effort into it knowing that it will be seen by millions.  Maybe agency account managers work a little harder at selling ideas.  Maybe advertisers spend more in production.  But I think it’s mostly a changing of the rules: do great advertising instead of cramming a list of product attributes into 30 seconds.

There is a lesson here.  Maybe advertisers shouldn’t just change the rules for the big events.  Maybe every day should be thought of as a big event.