Reviews of Workshops

“Thank you for putting on a great training seminar.  Your presentation was informative and relevant, and your sense of humor was much appreciated. I was able to take away many ideas of how to take my mental/personal management style and create something tangible that will withstand the scrutiny of upper management.  I know I do due diligence on the creative strategies that we develop and use, but now everyone else will know as well.  I truly feel that this was the best training seminar of any type that I have ever attended.”

“The workshop exceeded my expectations on all fronts. Dave is a knowledgeable and charismatic speaker that is skilled at engaging at audience while educating them.”

“Dave, thank you so much. Without question the best conference I have ever attended. I was already using your process to properly establish goals, objectives and strategies on the plane ride home.”

“Dave has terrific knowledge and insight. I want everyone in my creative team to hear the information. I cannot wait to implement it. A no-nonsense process for inspiring creative work – and teamwork.”

“From my perspective, I appreciated Dave’s willingness to work with us upfront to tailor the training for us and to incorporate brand-specific exercises in the day. And I respect his desire to debrief each day and work to fine tune the training to be even stronger the following days. He is a true professional.”

“Dave was informative and also allowed us to learn from each other.”

“Relevant to my job, great group input, and Dave was really good.”

“I feel I now have better tools to succeed at my job and look forward to using them in my career.”

“Dave provides a full explanation of ideas as well as providing exercises to help you think through it.”

“It’s real-world, applicable content. I feel as if I got a lot more out of the seminar than I expected.”

“Dave was very knowledgeable, funny, and allowed for great discussion.”

“Dave was terrific.   His content was incredibly useful, he interjected our brand’s content throughout the day and his delivery held the attention of the audience.”

“I wish I had this training when I first started at the company.”

“It was very helpful, insightful and Dave made it nicely interactive as well.”

“The training was really good and I am looking forward to using what I have learned to write my next creative brief.”

“…the content and format were perfect, and the timing of breaks, etc. were spot on and kept everyone engaged.”

“It’s one of the first trainings of this sort that I’ve attended in my career that I’ve found valuable.”

“I was skeptical about spending an entire day out of the office, but Dave was really AWESOME and the content credibly valuable. “

“I’m using the Creative Strategy format for all my projects moving forward.”

“This was an incredibly valuable experience.  I am now armed with the tools and resources that I can easily implement into my process.”