Creativity Opportunity #45: Creating a Creative Brief the Creative Team Will Use.

If the creative team doesn’t use the creative direction provided, the place to look may beat the direction itself.

Creative Opportunity #43: The 2 pieces of information needed to write a creative strategy.

Internal clients sometimes don’t have all information needed to provide creative direction. For many, they just don’t think that way. But what they do have are the two things you absolutely must have to get to the start of a strategy. And you’re going to use those two things to deduce the rest.

Creative Opportunity #41: The two most valuable things to do in selling creative.

There are two simple things that great presenters do that helps creative sell. If you only did these two things, your work would be 10% “stickier” with clients.

Creative Opportunity #39: The difference between a strategy and a tactic.

I recently wrote about the difference between goals and objectives. Why that difference is important, and why well-defined SMART objectives are so important to marketers. I wonder if it’s possible that knowing the difference between a strategy and a tactic is really simple.

Creative Opportunity #38: The difference between an objective and a goal.

I believe goals and objectives are two different things. And if we treat them the same way, our lives are marketers will be harder. Read why they are different.

Creative Opportunity #40: Two ways to Get Better Creative

Get Better Creative workshops provide entire teams with tools and learning that will get them working together more effectively to develop, sell and produce really effective work. The AMA’s Successfully Managing the Creative Process is the same learning for one or two people. Scheduled for November 5 & 6.