Creative Opportunity #43: The 2 pieces of information needed to write a creative strategy.

Internal clients sometimes don’t have all information needed to provide creative direction. For many, they just don’t think that way. But what they do have are the two things you absolutely must have to get to the start of a strategy. And you’re going to use those two things to deduce the rest.

Creative Opportunity #: Why a creative strategy for a trade show booth?

The poor trade show booth. Too little strategic thought behind the messaging in it. Yet a trade show may be the closest connection to customers and prospects that some brands have. Doesn’t cost anymore to make it smart. Come on, you can do it.

Creative Opportunity #13: Why creative briefing sometimes needs a two-part effort.

Sometimes just writing a creative brief isn’t enough for the creative team to understand what to do. They need to know more about the business. But background information about a business isn’t a substitute for explicit creative direction.