The Most Important Part of Great Creative: The Creative Strategy

The workshop that I run and the sessions I have taught on how to get better creative focus on one area more than any other. It is the area that I believe is most important in developing great creative: the creative strategy.

Look, it’s all about garbage in, garbage out. If you start with a bad strategy, you’re more likely to get bad work. Good strategy: increased odds. Not 100%. This is an art, not a science. But that’s really what Get Better Creative is about: giving you an advantage in the likelihood of great creative being the end result.

Yes, I know the clock is ticking on getting work done. And you want to get the creative team started. But doesn’t it seem like there is always time to do it over? And in the end, when the work is done, and it may not be very good, what are going to say – “I jammed it through because there was no time to write a good strategy.” My experience is that our managers, in the long run, look at the quality of the work and either don’t care about or forget the deadlines under which we worked.

Try to find some more time. Negotiate with the creative team – “I can give you bad input today or better input tomorrow.”

Look around at great creative. The stuff you admire. The creative where you say – “I wish I had done that.” You can see the strategy behind that work. You can see the genius in the direction. And how that led to great work.

Great creative doesn’t just happen. It starts with a great creative strategy. Call me if you want to talk about this more. I’ll make the time.