What’s changed about advertising. What hasn’t.

“So much has changed. But one thing never will.”

I’ve been doing this advertising thing a long time. Some proof: Sales people from ESPN came in to ask if we would run on their fledgling network paying only a small amount each time our client got a phone call from the number on the screen. “cc” was an actual carbon copy that a secretary (pre-administrative assistant) kept. The first “blog” was twenty years away.

Ok, now you can stop laughing and get up off the floor.

Suffice it to say, things have changed. In ways I wish I could have imagined. And are changing in ways you’ll wish you also could imagine.

But here’s something that has never changed: behind every great creative communication, no matter where it runs, is a great creative strategy.

Yep. Still a fact. A real, non-alternative fact. And maybe not very exciting to some, but what it leads to is the most exciting work ever.

Here’s what’s in a great creative strategy:

The target audience. More than demographics, how our product or service fits into the target’s life. What do they need or want that pertains to what we office? How they think about the category we are in? What do they think about us that we might need to manage in the communications?

The competition. Not the usual suspects. But who or what the target might be doing or choosing instead of our product or service.

An emotional benefit. Send me a product or service that you think is considered without emotion and I’ll gladly describe when, where and how it is. Every consumer, every business-person. Emotionally driven.

One thing about you. Not seven. Not five. Not even two. One. Do you really care about anybody else’s product or service enough to remember anything more than one? Or even one?

Yes, weed-hopper, the where, when and how of advertising have changed. And will change. But long after I’m gone, you’ll still be doing great creative if it’s based on a great creative strategy.

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