Why is the Advertising for a Brand Inconsistent?

I sometimes ask participants in sessions that I teach why they think that the creative in campaigns for brands too often seems inconsistent. Interestingly, many of them say – “budget.” Not enough money. I’m stunned by this response.

Not having enough money is the primary reason to make the creative consistent across not just advertising, but collateral, trade shows, internal communications, social media, and about everything else a brand does.

A brand with a small communications budget needs to have more consistent work than one with a bazillion dollars. Every communications piece that the audience sees should reinforce one another other. McDonald’s can afford to have something out of campaign every once in a while; they spend so much money within the campaign that you almost don’t notice. But if you’re Tripp Lite, or Just Add Water System household cleaners or Verit Advisors, everything needs to be in lockstep. You just can’t afford not to have it that way.

“And where does this lockstep come from?” you might ask. It starts with the strategy. The strategy needs buy in up and down the organization. The creative Campaign Idea needs agreement among everyone working on every effort. Internally and externally. And then it needs a champion; a “keeper of the flame” who says “yeah” or “nay” to whether the work is consistent.

You can’t afford to let the creative presentation of your brand be inconsistent. No matter your budget.