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The modules in Get Better Creative are individual sessions developed from the needs of marketers and agencies. Refined from over 15 years of sessions for the American Marketing Association and companies and organizations throughout America, each module provides insight and learning - with a focus on interactive participation - that will help you and your organization develop efforts that are smarter, more collaborative and get done on-time and on-budget. 

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Objectives, Strategies & Tactics

Clear and simple-to-follow definitions and review of Objectives, Strategies & Tactics for communications planning purposes, including easy-to-understand examples.

Vision, Mission, Brand Position & Value Proposition

Defining and creating understanding of these often critical marketing planning elements with multiple examples.

Developing Messaging Strategies

Presentation and discussion of the elements of Messaging Strategy with sample Messaging Strategy statements.

Finding Insights for Strategy

Discussion of from where insights for Messaging Strategy come and examples of insight-driven work.

Strategy Types

Presentation and review of 5 basic types of Messaging Strategies. Examples of brands typifying those strategy types are presented and discussed.

Different Strategies Lead to Different Creative

Review of alternative Messaging Strategies from the same client situation and the alternative creative concepts that can come from each.


The Relationship Between Strategy and Creative

Demonstration of how, with one Messaging Strategy, different creative directions can be developed.

Group Strategy Development Practice

The group is led in the development of alternative strategies based on short case histories developed for this session. The entire team works together to understand how Messaging Strategies are created. 

Breakout Strategy Practice

Participants are divided into three teams. Using a short case history, each team works to develop alternative Messaging Strategies which they present to the overall session for feedback. As they work, their thinking is stimulated and guided by the moderator.

The Messaging Brief

Presentation, review and discussion of the structure and elements of a Messaging Brief - when and where it is used.

Working with Messaging Briefs

Discussion of the importance of Messaging Briefs and group interaction related to examples of Messaging Briefs that would benefit from improvement.

The Role of Clients in Messaging

What to ask of marketing/product/business unit managers in the development of messaging strategy.


The Assignment Brief

The functional information needed to develop tactics, and how assignment information is different than strategic messaging information.

Brand Personality

Presentation and review of the power of Brand Personality in the creative process with a case history to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Campaign Themes

The creative ideas that are found in every great campaign: what is a Campaign Theme, how it is stated, how it is used.

Presenting the Plan and Work

Discussion and review of best practices in presenting creative in order to provide the greatest opportunity for success.

The Whole Thing Together

Presentation of a case from situation to strategy to Messaging Brief and Brand Personality to creative. Two alternatives cases are offered: Tripp-Lite and Nadex.

About Managing Creatives

Presentation and discussion of the roles of participants in the creative process and examples of how best to manage them.  Both supervisors and direct reports in the creative development process benefit.


Evaluating Work & Feedback That Inspires

Presentation and discussion of best practices on how to review and provide appropriate feedback to resources that have developed the creative.

Practice Giving Feedback

Using a short case with creative examples, session members will discuss and practice how to provide feedback that is helpful to the process.

Building a Messaging Strategy

Using two alternative real-life examples  participants are taken through the development of Messaging Strategy from beginning to Brand Position.


Where and how to get and give inspiration for better work.

Judging Success

Tools and measurements to observe success and make improvements going forward.

Using Research to Guide Direction

Using a real-life example, a case that demonstrates how research can be used to help develop messaging direction and the work that comes from it.

Module Development

 If there are needs that you believe exist in the development of marketing and creative for your organization that you do not see covered in an existing module, Get Better Creative provides flexibility to develop or consider those. 

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