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Developed from top marketers and agencies, and refined through hundreds of real-life situations, the tools from Get Better Creative are valuable resources that help marketers and creative teams be smarter, work together better, and develop creative that is on-time and on-budget.

Created in the real world for real world success


Brand Positioning Guide

The key elements of Brand Position with examples for guidance.

Brand Positioning Blank

The tool that you and your team will use to define and disseminate the final Brand Position.

Messaging Strategy Guide

The elements of Messaging Strategy - the tool that will guide messaging direction - described in a form so that marketers have a reference when developing Messaging Strategy.

Messaging Strategy Worksheet

A tool you and your team will find useful for thinking through alternative Messaging Strategies, this worksheet has three Messaging Strategy blank formats preloaded.

Messaging Strategy Blank

The tool that allows marketers to "fill in the blanks" with appropriate filing and distribution information when they are ready to write the final Messaging Strategy direction, 

Messaging Brief Guide

As you and your team author Messaging Briefs, this tool will always be available as a reference and reminder of the direction for each subject area.


Messaging Brief Blank

The Messaging Brief is the primary tool in the direction of creative. Using key elements from "Creative Briefs," the Messaging Brief has been refined through decades of use to include the most valuable information that creative teams need to develop the work that will power your efforts. This ready-to-use blank Messaging Brief form includes an area for filing and distribution information.

Assignment Brief Guide

A tool to help remind marketers of what information should be considered in completing an Assignment Brief.

Assignment Brief Blank

When you and your team are ready to describe the details of what's needed - sizes, formats, media, due dates, approvals and more - you will have a ready-to-complete blank Assignment Brief. 

Marketing Ecosystem Guide

Smart messaging direction starts with an understanding of the marketing situation; this tool helps you and your team consider the areas that may be most important in forming that direction.

Tool Development

If there are tools and resources that you believe valuable for your organization and efforts, or tools that you currently use and would like to continue using, Get Better Creative provides flexibility to develop or consider those.

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